Kilnamana Conrad Bauer 5


Wann? Montag, 17.12.2018 19:30 Uhr
Woher? Berlin, Germany

At the age of 12, Miguel came to Ireland to learn English. He ended up in the town where Enda attended primary school. They didn’t cross paths until 12 years later, however, when they met at language school in Berlin.

Amused by each other, they decided to have one writing session together and the world was changed forever. The pair created without pretension and in 12 weeks their first album was made.

On discovering their shared history in the town of Kilnamanagh, they took the name KILNAMANA. The duo is self-produced, composing with old keyboards, hand crafted sounds and raw, improvised vocals. It expresses happiness from a melancholic point of view and sadness from a happy point of view.

The best music for playing football in paradise.

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